Audio Collection

Charlene Mandelbaum - Cottage Life In Innisfil
Charlene Mandelbaum, cottage owner, discusses how Lake Simcoe, the neighbourhood, and the community all draw her to Innisfil, as well as an interesting discovery about the changing ethnic landscape in Innisfil's history.
Ross Wallace - Attending Normal School And His First Teaching Job
Ross Wallace describes his education and teacher training in what was known as Normal School, and his experiences at his first teaching job in Bradford.
Ross Wallace - Boarders From The City
Longtime Innisfil resident Ross Wallace recalls how children from Toronto would come to the Innisfil area as boarders with relatives and acquaintances, and their experiences attending school in Innisfil.
Ross Wallace - Changes In The Farming Lifestyle
Ross Wallace discusses how farming equipment and techniques have changed over the years in the Innisfil area.
Ross Wallace - Changing Methods Of Teaching
Ross Wallace discusses his memories of teaching, and the ways that teaching methods have changed and evolved over the years.
Ross Wallace - Churches Of Innisfil
Ross Wallace describes the history behind the establishment of various churches throughout Innisfil, including in Stroud and Lefroy.
Ross Wallace - Community Spirit
Longtime Innisfil resident Ross Wallace recounts his memories of the community spirit that helped neighbours to build and establish Innisfil as we know it today.
Ross Wallace - Establishing The United Church In Innisfil
Ross Wallace details how the United Church originated in the Innisfil area following decisions made in the broader Presbyterian and Methodist churches.
Ross Wallace - Illness And School Correspondence
Longtime resident Ross Wallace recounts his childhood illness that prevented him from attending school, and how he continued his studies through correspondence.
Ross Wallace - Introduction, And Housing In Innisfil
An introduction to an interview with Ross Wallace, longtime resident of Innisfil and local historian, as well as his reflections on housing in Innisfil.
Ross Wallace - Modernization Of Innisfil
Local historian Ross Wallace discusses the modernization of Innisfil over the past century.
Ross Wallace - Origins Of Innisfil'S Settlers
Local historian Ross Wallace describes the origins of Innisfil's early settlers.
Ross Wallace - Radio And Electricity
Ross Wallace recounts the roles of electricity and radio in his youth and how things have changed as a result of these introductions.
Ross Wallace - School In The 1880S
Local historian Ross Wallace describes the school experience of his father and others in the Innisfil area in the 1880s.
Ross Wallace - Starting School
Longtime resident of Innisfil Ross Wallace describes his experiences starting school as a child in the 1930s.
Ross Wallace - The Founding Of Innisfil And Its Pioneers
Longtime Innisfil resident and local historian Ross Wallace describes Innisfil's early beginnings and the pioneering men and women who helped establish the town we know today.
Ross Wallace - The High School Experience
Ross Wallace discusses his memories of attending high school in the Innisfil area.
Ross Wallace - Threshing And Life On A Farm
Longtime Innisfil resident Ross Wallace describes his memories of growing up on a farm and the traditions associated with threshing each year.
Ross Wallace - Village Of Craigvale
Local historian Ross Wallace discusses the history of Craigvale prior to its annexation by the city of Barrie.
Ross Wallace And Jean Warrington - Bon Secours Beach And The Water Of Lake Simcoe
Longtime residents of Innisfil Jean Warrington and Ross Wallace discuss the background behind the name "Bon Secours Beach" as well as the quality of the water from Lake Simcoe in the early to mid-twentieth century.