Finding the Past in the Present Postcard of Canadian soldiers ushering German prisoners of war behind a tank

Attention lovers of history and all things Canadian: join us for a special presentation entitled Finding the Past in the Present by Trevor Tristram as he discusses how Canada’s role in the First World War and our collective memory of that event has influenced and shaped Canadian culture as we

Innisfil Review 2020 Image of Knock School House with Historic Plaque in Foreground

Tell Your Innisfil Story!                    

Innisfil Historical Society is currently looking for public involvement in its newest book project, entitled Innisfil Review 2020.

Holiday Cheer: It's In The Cards Image of a Christmas greeting card depicting a lantern surrounded by holly

The snow is shining brightly, the tree is up, and the lights are strung – Christmas is upon us in Innisfil once again! Though it is the season for good tidings and warm wishes, we often find ourselves separated from those we’d most like to see, and this is where the trusty greeting card steps in

Women of Innisfil A group of women standing and seated for a photo outdoors in 1934

October is Women’s History Month, and Innisfil has plenty of reasons to celebrate! Even the most cursory of glances at our collection reveals a long tradition of capable women playing important roles in how our community was shaped. Innisfil has always been a primarily agricultural community,

The Great Eastern Illustration of the Great Eastern steamship in a harbour

Tucked away on a small plaque along Big Bay Point Road is the story of how Innisfil contributed to the construction of a great ship, the largest of her time for almost fifty years.

Plaque located on Big Bay Point Road, west of the entrance to the Bee Happy Campground

It was

Innisfil Review 2020

Tell Your Innisfil Story!                    

Innisfil Historical Society is currently looking for public involvement in its newest book project, entitled Innisfil Review 2020.

We are actively seeking stories about families, businesses, sports clubs, and organizations—anything relating to Innisfil and the people who live here.

Whether you are new to the community or have been here for decades, we would like to hear from you, so your story can become part of the updated history of Innisfil. 

Knock School and Historic Plaque


The first historical review was published in 1951, followed by supplements in 1967 and 1984. In addition to these, the historical society has published several books about our municipality, including Farms of Innisfil and Innisfil Veterans.


This new edition of Innisfil's history, to be published in 2020, will have two goals:

1. to tell the story of Innisfil from where the last volume left off to the present day, and 

2. to tell stories that were not included in previous editions or related publications. 


If we hope to be successful with these two goals, we require the input of all of our citizens. We need to hear from you. 

This new edition will cover the 1980s, ’90s, and the new century, which have been decades of great change for our town. It will also fill in the blanks from previous volumes. 

We ask that you take some time and share your family's story, your business story, the story of your 90-year-old neighbour, or a special interest story. 

Guideline topics and questions are available upon request. If you require writing assistance or an interview, we can provide it. Simply call Donna at 705 436-2578.

Please send your stories and pictures to, or if that is not possible, mail them to: Innisfil Historical Society, PO Box 7176, Innisfil, ON, L9S 1A9

Our team of volunteers will be responsible for all editing and the final product. 


If you are interested in submitting a piece for this project, please consider using the following links to guide you through the process:

Local Business

Clubs and Organizations

Family Histories

Citizens Aged 90+


Chantler's General Store, Stroud 1930