Innisfil Remembers

Every November we take the time to honour the sacrifices and contributions of Canada's Service Men and Women.

2018 is an important year of remembrance, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. From our own backyards in Innisfil to the experiences overseas these two wars had a powerful legacy for everyone involved. Using images from the Innisfil Historical Society's collections and video footage of interviews with local veterans and youth, Our Stories Innisfil has created a virtual exhibit in honour of those that served, suffered and triumphed during the tumultuous times of war. Delve into the stories of wartime with this special feature page: Innisfil Remembers. Here you will find links to a variety of materials relating Innisfil's connections to the wars.

 Explore the experiences of veterans of World War II as they share their memories in their own words.




Elwood Webb: Remembering World War II



Shirlie Toro-Fralick on Joining the Armed Forces


Shirlie Toro-Fralick on Being a Woman in the Armed Forces


Shirlie Toro-Fralick on Time Spent in Germany


Adolph von Graffen on his Childhood in Germany


Adolph von Graffen on the Hitler Youth


Adolph von Graffen on the end of WWII


Shirlie Toro-Fralick on Performing Overseas


Shirlie Toro-Fralick with more Stories from Overseas


Shirlie Toro-Fralick on Life in Canada after WWII


In June of 2014, students from Nantyr Shores Secondary School had the opportunity to travel to Normandy, France to take part in the very special D-Day ceremonies. For many, this trip was both eye-opening and life-altering. From making memories and a life-long bond with their fellow travellers to reflections on what life would have been like for soldiers not much older than themselves, these students demonstrate the importance and a true understanding of the meaning of "Lest We Forget". The journey was heavily supported by many wonderful organizations within the Innisfil community. Watch some of their stories below:

Researching Fallen Soldiers


Memorable and Emotional Moments


The Impact of the Experience


Community Support


The D-Day Ceremonies


Visiting Vimy Ridge


Visiting the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp


Visiting the Wellington Quarries


Visiting German Graves


Visiting Anne Frank House


Sharing Experiences with Mr. Pengelly


Fond and Happy Memories


Explore the Digital Historical Collections of the Innisfil Historical Society and the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library. You may find portraits of soldiers or postcards from the Front. Browse through the links below to discover materials related to both the First and Second World War. Don't forget to continue your journey by checking out one of these books about war from your local branch of the Innisfil Public Library.

Harry McArthur stands at attention in front of a tent. Dressed in World War one military uniform.Byard Donnelly stands in his World War two naval uniform in front of a wood plank home.Postcard depicting soldiers and medical staff tending to wounded soldiers in a trench. Circa World War twoBook cover depicts war medals on purple background for Innisfil Their Lives and Memories by Innisfil Historical Society

World War I

World War II

Documenting War

Books About War